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The bombs fell in 2077, destroying life on earth as we know it. Humanity survived in underground bunkers, called Vaults, waiting for the surface to habitable again.

Our story begins almost 115 years after the bombs fell, in the once great American City of Chicago. After generations of living underground, mankind begins to leave the safety of their subterranean shelters, facing the harsh dangers of the wastes. Many form tribes, and try to eek out a meager existence. Some form small independent Villages around the suburbs of the once majestic city. Others prey on the weak and unprotected, raiding and pillaging like the barbarians of old.

Greater forces are at play in the vast metro however, plotting and scheming for control of the city. The world may have ended, but the battle for Chicago is just beginning. Mankind should have learned their lesson after the world went up in flames.

But War…. War never changes.

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